Best Night Ever

Best Night Ever

We created three video exclusives: two music videos with Azealia Banks and Ellie Goulding featuring unreleased tracks, and an interactive fashion video with US model Charlotte Free. We let the talent speak for itself, with ASOS product, styling and art direction complementing what they do best. A product carousel and world first ‘Want it, Pin it’ button increased dwell time by 32 hours and let viewers shop the product direct from the videos.


Interactive Video

The interactive videos featured across (desktop and mobile), ASOS’s YouTube channel, fashion blogs, mobile in-app media and Spotify, with the interactivity delivering two days and 18 hours of additional time with the brand. Videos featured a world-first ‘Want it, Pin it’ button allowing viewers to pin their favourite scene straight to their Pinterest boards and win the product, leading to over 28,000 re-pins (35x higher than our previous re-pinned content).

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Celebrity content

Each celebrity shared details of what makes their #BestNightEver, such as party product edits, styling tips, beauty secrets, story-based interviews and playlists. They even gave live style advice via our innovative world first ‘Shop-along’ Google hangouts. This content was hosted on an celebrity hub (desktop and mobile), and print editorial, mobile apps, emails, YouTube, Twitter, G+, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Inspirational content

Because we know that our girl doesn’t stop getting ready once they’ve bought the outfit, we created an ‘inspire hub’ with practical how-to videos providing a wealth of ideas for styling, hair, make-up and nails. A series of #InspireMe videos received over 30k views on YouTube.

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We wanted to give our girl ways to share her #BestNightEver with her friends, and even the world! The campaign’s hashtag #BestNightEver was used more times than any of our UK competitors’ brand or campaign tags including Topshop’s #Whosthatgirl. Images of our audience’s #BestNightEver were pulled in via a Global Party Feed and a world first Cover Photo Booth let them personalise their party photos to generate a totally unique Facebook cover photo. The Facebook app featuring both tools had over 55,000 unique visitors, a 58% return rate and an average dwell time of over three minutes.

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Games / Competitions

To excite and entice our audience, we offered them ways to win their #BestNightEver too! Fashion Bingo on Facebook, Like to Win on Instagram, Want it, Pin it via the interactive videos and ‘Tweet your fantasy #BestNightEver’ were loved by our audience and generated over 78,000 unique entries.

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A series of promotions, such as our weekly Savvy Sunday timed sales, gave our 20somethings access to ASOS and designer brands at up to 70% off for 24 hours at a time. Mobile rich media and engaging social content complemented digital display and strategically placed digital outdoor advertising, to promote the sale and motivate our girls to shop for their next big night out. Our final Savvy Sunday promotion on 16 Dec drove ASOS into the no.1 spot for UK online retail visits on the Hitwise report, beating Next for the first time in 2012.

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#BestNightEver Activity

Channel Interactive Shoppable Music Videos Celebrity #BestNightEver Content (Interviews, Styling, Playlists, Edits) Inspirational Content ('How to' tutorials, Peer to Peer advice, Styling) Tools to help girls share their #BestNightEver Games where they could win their #BestNightEver #BestNightEver promotions

Azealia Banks's video had the highest engagement rate with 95% of viewers interacting (previous benchmark was 12% set by brands such as Nike, Diesel, Adidas)


Celebrity hub on was a destination for interviews, behind the scenes Instagram images, playlists, product edits and styling tips


Inspire hub hosted on acted as a destination for girls to get beauty tips, share content and plan for their #BestNightEver


Savvy Sunday timed sales created regular shopping behaviour and boosted market share in the UK. Our final Savvy Sunday on 16 Dec drove us into the no.1 spot for UK online retail visits on the Hitwise report, beating Next for the first time in 2012


Celebrity and Inspire hubs were fully optimised for mobile users, allowing them to watch, shop and play throughout the campaign


'How to' videos featured on Fashion Up – ASOS's weekly magazine app


The Global Party Feed app collated Instagram photos from around the world tagged with #BestNightEver, allowing users to share their #BestNightEver with friends


ASOS emails used to showcase best content from our celebs including #BestNightEver party edits, Get the Look product lists and bespoke competitions such as Celeb Secret Santa on Xmas Day


Emails used to drive awareness of weekly promos and Savvy Sunday sales. Best email was for 20% off everything Savvy Sunday which drove £399k revenue


Regular inspirational content featured on Facebook every Thursday/Friday in the run up to a Saturday night


The Facebook app featuring Global Party Feed and Cover Photo Booth tools had over 55,000 unique visitors, a 58% return rate and an average dwell time of over 3 minutes


Fashion Bingo had players match items in the videos to a digital bingo card, with prizes from discount codes to £1,000 to fund their #BestNightEver. Received 15.6k plays and codes drove over £295k revenue


Social buzz monitoring has shown that #BestNightEver was used more times in the UK than any of our competitors' names or marketing tags over the same time, including Topshop's #Whosthatgirl featuring Kate Bosworth


The campaign name was turned into a hashtag, capitalising on existing Twitter behaviour and allowing girls to share their fashion, stories and commentary


‘Tweet your fantasy #BestNightEver’ was broadcast on our usual channels, a Stylist cover wrap and, with a promoted Twitter trend, achieved 930 creative and funny tweets totalling a reach of 17m in 24 hours (Twitter’s benchmark is 9.5m)


The Savvy Sunday gift sale was promoted with a Twitter trend. #ASOSGiftSale achieved a Twitter reach of 18m+ (Twitter's benchmark is 9.5m) with a total engagement rate of 28.2%


World first 'Shopalong' Google hangouts with Azealia Banks and Charlotte Free – popularity had grown as customers get used to the new techology (222% increase in ROI with the last hangout generating £14k in just one hour)


'What to wear for your Xmas party' recieved the most G+ of the season with +116 and 15 comments


Instagram Like and Leave competition had people like behind the scenes images of the celebrities' shoots and leave their names to win product. It generated over 38,000 comments and likes across 10 images


Savvy Sunday behind the scenes model shots received over 39,000 likes in just 2 days


Viewers pinned over 28,000 scenes of the videos to Pinterest using an in-video 'Want it, Pin it' button (35x higher than previous re-pinned content)


World first 'Want it, Pin it' received over 28,000 entries, making it our most successful Pinterest competition ever


Teaser campaign with Grazia Daily and other influential online digital fashion publications created anticipation for the video launch


PR & blogger beauty event hosted at utilised celebrity beauty interviews to generate a second wave of coverage in week 5 of the campaign

Blogger Outreach    

Every week, a new influential blogger shared what made her #BestNightEver, creating engaging Facebook content and branded content that sat on their own blog talking directly to their community


Celebrity Daily Edit display advertising produced the highest ROI (14.6) for UK display across the campaign due to much higher than average basket size – demonstrating the power of credible celebrity endorsement


Display media was used to drive traffic to ASOS messaging our #BestNightEver promotions and Savvy Sunday timed sales

Mobile Display            
Rich Mobile Media  

A partnership with ITV Ad Sync showcased #BestNightEver content on the X Factor mobile app, with the celebrity music videos playing during ad breaks sync'd with the live shows on Saturday and Sunday night

Outdoor Media          

A 'Text to Claim' 20% off promotional code was placed in the videos and went live on a limited Transvision buy in regional train stations. In 5 days, code redemption drove over 2.5k orders and £208k sales


Augmented reality enabled readers to scan three different Stylist cover wraps, one of each girl. This launched the interactive videos as well as other hidden content


ASOS Magazine offered exclusive editorial with the ASOS superstars allowing readers to engage in a deeper way. Further celeb content such as interviews also featured within the Stylist cover wrap and augmented reality activity


'Tweet your fantasy #BestNightEver' was promoted in the Stylist cover wrap encouraging our savvy audience to jump on Twitter for a chance to win ASOS product for a year. This drove over 930 entries in 24 hours

Text (SMS)          

A 'Text to Claim' 20% off promotional code was placed on the end frame of the music videos and went live on a limited Transvision buy in regional train stations. In 5 days code redemption directly drove over 2.5k orders and £208k sales

ITV Player

A bespoke interactive ad unit allowed us to make 30" cutdowns and deliver a shoppable experience with ITV Player ad space. This performed exceptionally well with an ROI of 19.9 over 8 weeks


Savvy Sunday videos were placed across key ITV Player shows. A bespoke interactive ad unit let the audience shop directly from the video, delivering a consistently high ROI, with the best performing week at 30.93


Spotify homepage takeovers featuring Ellie and Azealia's interactive videos placed our shoppable content in exciting and highly relevant media spaces, opening the ASOS brand up to new audiences

Augmented Reality  

Augmented reality enabled readers to scan the Stylist covers to watch the interactive music videos, celebrity interviews and go to the celebrity hub to explore further


Users who scanned the Stylist cover wrap could hunt for a 20% discount code and shop with free next day delivery