Do you rule the school with your one-of-a-kind style? Or do you win ‘em all over with just a bat of your eyelashes and perfect poise? Fashion diva or style rebel, find out which prom queen you are and shop your dream party look.

  • Who is your perfect prom date?

  • Which is your perfect bag for a night out on the town?

  • Which of these style icon’s looks do you covet most?

  • Out of these kicks, which would you hit the dancefloor in?

  • When it comes to make-up, what’s your party preference?

  • What's your perfect prom soundtrack?

    • Congratulations you are the pretty sweet prom queen

      Just like sweeter-than-pie Sandra Dee in Grease, you are the dream prom princess. So go all-out pretty and give ‘em a toothache in an embellished, party-perfect dress in the sweetest pastel shades. Accessorize with a super-cute clutch and a pair of Mary Janes for a prom look to remember.

    • Congratulations you are the modern classic prom queen

      Just like the unforgettable Brenda Walsh from the original Beverly Hills 90210, your flawlessly chic style is the envy of the school. Get those tongues wagging and be the undisputed belle of the ball in an ankle-grazing dress, expertly paired with an elegant clutch. Update your classic look with a jolt of hot color – think neon pumps and cool accessories to light up the dance floor.

    • Congratulations you are the fashion-forward prom queen

      Not one to shy from the spotlight, you’re the prom diva who sets the trends and gets the crowd talking – just like the lovable rebel Andie Walsh from cult ‘80s flick Pretty in Pink, who created her own dress for prom. Whether in shimmering sequins or a directional cocktail dress, you’re always ahead of the style game in an ultra-new look all your own.

    • Congratulations you are the kooky cool prom queen

      There’s never a dull moment when it comes to your personal style, so prove your kooky-cool status with an unforgettable prom ensemble. Channel those two kick-ass prom princesses with inimitable style in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, and reveal your wild side with a knockout dress or unconventional matching skirt and top ensemble. Take your look up a notch with a cool novelty handbag and hit the dance floor in unique style.

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