SXSW rock ’n’ roll sound and style

Get your fashion tips from the go-to music destination of the year where the hottest new sounds walk hand-in-hand with ahead-of-the-curve style. So while you update your iPod, update your wardrobe with a little help from five gals shaking things up this SXSW.

  • Goth Rock

    Dee Dee Penny / Dum Dum Girls /musician

    No girl owns ‘cool’ like the dark and mysterious goth rocker. Stick to a black palette, throw on a T-shirt, chunky boots and biker jacket and you’re ready to roll.

  • '90s Rave

    VENUS X / DJ

    The ‘90s were too much fun to leave in the past, so keep the rave going with bold shots of neon, hi-tops and smiley faces on everything.

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  • Grunge Gothic

    Yasmine Kittles / Tearist / musician

    Work your slouchy check shirt and beanie alongside New Romantic accessories for an achingly cool goth vibe that’s one part Sisters of Mercy, one part Nirvana.

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  • Maximalist '80s

    Elizabeth Harper / Class Actress / musician

    The decade of ultimate excess gave us some of the most eccentric, dancefloor-ready looks, so throw on some polka dots, animal print and sequins and get this party started.

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  • Pop Dolly

    Katie Garcia / Captured TrackS / Record Label Owner

    This look is pretty but playful. Think cute baby-doll dresses and sugar-sweet accessories, amped up with so-now pastels and prints.

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  • Feature

    Ilirjana Alushaj

    Who better to photograph her friends at SXSW for ASOS and dish on the coolest new trends in sound and style than Ilirjana Alushaj, the best-dressed music insider? She DJs at the coolest NYC parties, is the singer of band Apache Beat and founder of digital magazine and record label, The girl who does it all shares her top five music and fashion love list.

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