• 1. Varsity Jacket

    Go back to school and walk straight onto the starting team with this varsity jacket. A little bit Grease, a little bit Isabel Marant, and yes, even a little bit Glee-inspired, it works with everything from skinny cropped trousers to maxi-skirts. Just the thing to pep up your mood over these last few winter months. Kind of like a personal cheerleading squad for your closet.

    ASOS $156

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  • 2. cropped pants

    Hello, ankles! The new cropped pant length means ankles and colorful socks are both seeing the light of day. Ideally suited to boyish flats and simple shirts, these are perfect for those days that call for low-key cool rather than flamboyant fashion statements.

    ASOS $52

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  • 3. pleated skirt

    Ah, pleats. Where have you been? We love the way knife-edge pleats swish around our legs as we walk, the schoolgirl perfection of a knee-length skirt with a tomboyish satchel and a blocky heel, the balletic romance of plisse folds... Yup, we're in love.

    ASOS $78

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  • 4. Kaftan dress

    Lead us to the dance floor, the perfect place to rock a Bianca Jagger-inspired kaftan dress in a tropical hue. Turn up the 70s flavor with a hibiscus behind your ear and a stack of bangles on your wrist. Now, about that white horse...

    ASOS $95

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  • 5. Shorts

    Come rain or shine, shorts are here to stay. This season, we're wearing our favorite pair with a crop top, satchel and block heel. As for the tights versus goosebumps debate? You're on your own... but either way, you'll be looking good.

    ASOS $52

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  • 6. Palazzo pants

    Skinny jeans, say what? Palazzo pants are about to become your new closet heroes. With their billowing legs and high waists, we can't wait to start wafting around like a latter-day YSL muse.

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  • 7. White shirt

    Wardrobe classic, yes. But this season what’s really making us love the white shirt is the new way to wear it: buttoned to the neck, with the collar peeping over a neat jumper. You might even take to it with scissors to crop it – if you want your high-waisted trousers on show, too.

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  • 8. Platform shoes

    No Lady Gaga-at-Heathrow-tumbling incidents for us, thanks. We still want our footwear to take us higher, not least of all because those pleated midi skirts and billowing palazzo pants cry out for something chunky to anchor them - and a platform makes these styles wearable. Lady G, take note.

    ASOS $87

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  • 9. Portfolio bag

    A leaner reworking of the classic school satchel, this bag style's sleek, simple lines entranced catwalk fans when it first showed up on shoulders in the form of Proenza Schouler's PS1. This season, look out for punchy two-tone versions.

    ASOS $95

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  • 10. Lace collar

    Sometimes, an accessory comes along that is so offbeat yet so perfect, that you can't believe you've never tried it before. The detachable collar is one such item, and this season we're fond of lace versions — this scalloped style will add a cute 60s spin to all your tops and dresses.

    ASOS $21

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The hotlist by Danielle Radojcin