It's December 12, people. Know what that means? It's Frank Sinatra's birthday. Since his death in 1998, the entertainment world has been seriously missing a legend. With the holiday season in full swing, how can we not take a look back at the guy who took Christmas music from sorta cheesy to suave and soulful? Here's why we want to sit around a fire remembering the good ol' days with Ol' Blue Eyes…

1. It's no secret that Frank liked a good cocktail. But his poison of choice? It was simple: Jack Daniel's, water, and four ice cubes. 

2. Has there ever been a cooler crew to hang with than the Rat Pack? No. No, there has not. 

3. The most epic holiday singer…ever. Look at him and Bing Crosby showing off their stuff below. Now that's what two icons look like.