To celebrate yesterday's release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, we're taking the opportunity to big up the main man. He's the winner's wizard, Mithradir himself, the Stormcrow... Gentlemen, please take a moment to applaud for Mr. Gandalf the Grey.  

Throughout history, great men have had their uniforms. From Apple's Steve Jobs, in his dad jeans and black turtlenecks, to Karl Lagerfeld's suits, these men want to look good, but they also want you to know that they don't have time to be picking out a new outfit everyday. You do not want to be caught picking the perfect T-shirt while Azog the Defiler is getting all up in Moria's face. If you didn't get that, time to study up on your LOTR

The look

Gandalf's style, as his name suggests, revolves around a single color palette: grey. His subtle robes, complemented by a stylishly weathered wizard hat, makes him stand out from the hobbits, in their Mumford and Sons-esque waistcoats and breeches. 

The beard

Gandalf is as well known for his beard as he is for his magic skills, and love of pipes. But if you're going to grow a beard, keep it under control, please.

The attitude

Gandalf is effortlessly cool, and practical with it. Think you could take on the Nazgul in a pair of skinny jeans? No chance. Had he lived today, or even existed at all, a modern interpretation of G-Dog's style might be a marl-grey sweatshirt, a pair of dark grey brushed cotton chinos, finished off with some tough, brown desert boots, and a magical staff of power. It's a look that screams, "Chill, guys, I've got this."