Every year about this time, Google releases loads of lists of the year's most searched terms—it covers everything from the most popular celebrities to most searched destinations. Our favorite? The biggest searches of the year that started with "What is?" It takes us back to our “Ask Jeeves” days. (Man, we miss that dude.) Anyways, here they are…

1. "What is twerking?" You can thank Miley for that one, gents.  

2. "What is Ricin?" The toxic substance was considered the new Anthrax this year. But really, we're sure people Googled it due to its prominent role in the Breaking Bad finale. 

3. "What is DOMA?" The Defense of Marriage Act was a hot button issue in politics this year—we're glad to see folks getting educated. 

4. "What is Molly?" Thank you, again, Miley, for referencing the popular party drug in your song We Can't Stop. Now no one can stop talking about it. 

5. "What is gluten?" Considering you can barely step outside without hearing someone utter "gluten-free," it makes sense that people were trying to get to the bottom of what exactly people are trying to free themselves of.