The holidays…they're all festive, cheery and full of family and old friends. But can you blame us for needing to take a little break? Luckily, the best escape is right down the hall…on your couch. The Christmas TV schedule may seem a bit overwhelming, but we're here to help you navigate—the only thing you need to bring is your remote.

 1. A Christmas Story: TBS, 8pm EST on December 24. Yep, the 1983 classic is back on repeat for 24 hours straight. Thank you TBS!

2. Extreme Christmas Trees: TLC, 6am EST. If you're up early nursing a hangover or just can't wait to open your gifts, watch this. You gotta see it to believe it...

3. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: ABC Family, 1pm EST. Um, no one does Christmas quite like the Griswolds. Get into it.

4. The Muppet Christmas Carol: ABC Family, 11am EST. These days the Muppets are known as Lady Gaga's BFFs, but we've loved their version of A Christmas Carol since we were kids. (And we still do...don't tell anyone.)

5. Michael Bublé's 3rd Annual Christmas Special: NBC, 9 pm EST. Is your holiday missing a suave crooner? You're in luck. Bublé's back with this special, featuring guest stars like Mary J. Blige and Christmas' resident queen Mariah Carey.

6. Holiday Affair: Hallmark Movie Channel, 9pm EST. End the night with a romantic classic. Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh's 1949 flick Holiday Affair is the perfect romcom to enjoy with leftover pie. Oh, and it'll make your lady happy. 

7. NBA: OK, here's what we've all been waiting for. The NBA schedule. You can see the full list here—but here's what we're most excited for: the Miami Heat will square off against the LA Lakers at 5pm EST on ABC. Game on, boys!