What’s a holiday without a Peanuts special. Am I right? As we find ourselves in between Christmas and New Year's Eve (or A Charlie Brown Christmas and Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!), it only seems right to give props to the coolest cartoon gang in the game—and of course, Snoopy, our favorite character of all. Before Brian from Family Guy became TV's favorite dog, Snoopy held down the fort (or the doghouse, we guess). Here's why he's a legend on four legs. 

1. Snoopy's a baller. Plain and simple. His doghouse puts all other dog-homes to shame. In addition to a pool table in the basement, a guest room and a grandfather clock, Snoopy had a freakin' Van Gogh painting in his stairwell. Sadly, it was destroyed in a fire—and promptly replaced with an Andrew Wyeth.  

2. He's an ace writer…well, sorta. As an aspiring novelist, Snoopy is often dealing with rejection and writer's block. (Look dude, it happens!) He also takes it with a grain of salt, and never changes the opening line to his work: "It was a dark and stormy night…"

3. Snoopy's super popular in outer space. For real. In the late '60s, he became a mascot of aerospace safety. The famed Apollo 10 space voyage was even named after Snoopy—as is the NASA honor, the Silver Snoopy award. He's truly one dog who has boldly gone where no dog has gone before.