New Year's Eve…easily the biggest party night of the year. And without the right prep work, well, it can very easily be the biggest disappointment. No fear, dudes, we got you. From what to wear to how to drink, here's your foolproof guide to surviving New Year's Eve. Party on, Wayne. 

1. There are two guys you don't want to dress like come New Year's Eve: Justin Bieber or an American Psycho clone. Avoid baggy sweats, but also steer clear of an overly formal tux. Think classic, well-tailored and sleek…and a leather jacket is always a good idea. 

2. Carry cash—and set a spending limit. Yeah, you'll feel like a baller when it's 11:45pm and you want to buy those seven random girls a few rounds of tequila shots…but in the cold, harsh light of 2014, you'll remember you're not Jay Z.

3. No one wants to be alone for that big midnight kiss, but smooch carefully, my friends. Exes and stage five clingers should be avoided. 

4. The secret to keeping the night going isn't packing in more cocktails…it's hydration. Repeat after me: One drink. One water. One drink. One water…

5. And please, for the love of all that is holy, pick a designated driver or have a cab lined up. It's that simple, fellas.