Ah, fraternities. The most exclusive clubs in the world, where buying bottle service and having a model on your arm won't even get you in. Our latest look into the frat scene is thanks to an Emory student, whose email was leaked to Business Insider. His ultimate goal is for his fellow fratstars to up their fashion game (and become 'frat fashionistas'—yep, seriously). Shockingly enough, his trends for the season are totally on point. We're impressed, man. Here's what we learned:

1. 'When you are sporting formal wear the most important thing is not thread count (sorry Jaffe), but FIT! So find a local tailor and clean it up.'

Tailoring is what we're all about this season. In fact, we think it's pretty much the most important part of modern menswear, so we thoroughly appreciate that he's advising his buds to step it up. We're looking at you, Jaffe. 

2. 'Cuffed pants: whether blue denims or brown oxfords, roll 'em up boys. These will pair amazing with that pair of high top sneakers you've wanted to hit the mags with.'

Cheers to that, dude. Now let's hit the mags (whatever the hell that means). 

3. 'Statement scarves can make your ensemble heat up as the temperatures drop.'

Here, here. Now somebody give this dude a fashion advice column.