'Did you see her twerking? It was fugly. Whatever, YOLO, I guess.' Everyday we throw around words that seem like they've been a part of our vocabulary forever—but, um, they haven't. We've seen tons of slang come and go, and there's so much we don't even know about. The clever crew at Mental Floss alerted us to Passing English, a 1909 book that highlights the Victorian era's most popular terms. These are words odd, funny, and downright bizarre—but here are a few (like bow wow mutton, for example) you should try incorporating in conversation today.

1. Arfarfan'arf: an incredibly drunken man.

'Dude, she forced me to do tequila shots, and the next thing I knew I was stumbling home so arfarfan'arf.' 

2. Butter upon bacon: overly extravagant. 

'He has XBox and PS3? Seems a bit butter upon bacon to me, to be honest. I stick to the classics.'

3. Afternoonified: smart.

'So then she tells me that I'm not afternoonified enough for her! This is a chick who loses her iPhone in her purse 10 times a day.'

4. Bow wow mutton: gross meat that could be the dog (seriously). 

'Let's just say I followed up a night of beer with some bow wow mutton from McD's, and I'm not feeling too good today.' 

5. Church-bell: a talkative lady.

'I ask her one simple question about her freakin' family, and she turns into a church-bell.'