Who doesn't have an opinion about Mike Tyson? The dude partially bit off another boxer's ear. But there's a lot more to him than that, he wants us all to know. This past weekend, HBO aired his one-man Broadway show Undisputed Truth. Here's what we learned about Mr. Tyson—that doesn't involve his face tattoo and his cameo in The Hangover

1. He's funny—seriously. When addressing the unlikely fact that he had a show on the Great White Way, he said, 'Many thought this was my first time on Broadway. It wasn't. I was arrested on this same block.' Honesty is the best policy, right? 

2. He has a soft spot for Brad Pitt. As the story goes: he was on the way to, uh, have relations with his ex-wife Robin Givens during their divorce proceedings, and found out she was with Pitt instead. Tyson would've flipped out, but says Pitt was 'too pretty.' 

3. OK, so about that whole 'ear' thing—Tyson says it wasn't personal. 'I was just really pissed off. I have the utmost respect for him,' he admits. 'Please go buy his barbecue sauce.' A little product plug should make up for almost tearing someone’s ear off, right?