Think you had it bad getting home this Thanksgiving? We hear ya. But before launching into your epic tale of delayed flights, lost luggage and getting stuck in the bathroom seats, let’s take a moment to remember Neal Page. Who’s Neal Page, you ask? Ahem, Steve Martin’s character in the cult 1987 holiday classic Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Now that, dudes, was a rough trip home—even with the most epic travel buddy of all time by your side. Neal and Del (the late John Candy) encountered flaming credit cards, shared motel suites and lots of shower curtain ring sales pitches. Here’s why if we were stranded on the open road, we’d want to have these two as our travel companions.

1. Neal is the kind of practical thinker you want around—in fact, he rarely blows up, but when he does, it's epic. In fact, the reason this movie has a 'R' rating is because of Neal. He says 'f*cking' an astounding 18 times in one minute when dealing with the rental car attendant. 

2. Del has mad salesman skills. In one memorable scene, they find themselves out of cash and with no lodging in sight. Del tries to bribe a hotel desk clerk with two dollars and a Casio watch. Sadly…the Casio doesn't go as far as you'd think it would.  

3. The incident that sets the whole travel disaster in motion? Neal losing out on a cab to Kevin a non-speaking role. Seriously, this movie has everything...even a nod to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Amazing. 

Happy Thanksgiving, dudes.