It's a big day for music: Eminem’s new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, officially launches today—and is getting the best reviews Mr. Mathers has seen in years. It takes us back to a time before, well, before sh*t got real (to use his own words). Back when Eminem was legit and his rhymes were words to live by. Here’s a look back at some of the most important life lessons we learned from Detroit's finest.

1. Never, ever eat spaghetti before a big gig, especially if you’re wearing a sweater. (We all remember the line from Slim's Lose Yourself.) Best to stick to something more basic.  

2. Your life isn't GTA V…or even Mario Party. Sorry. 'Life is no Nintendo game,' or so he says in Love The Way You Lie.  

3. Don't insult a fashion icon. Eminem stirred up controversy in his song Criminal by making a reference to Gianni Versace's death. Let's just say a pissed off Donatella Versace is not pretty…

4. Family before…everything. Sure, he had his issues with ex-wife Kim and his mother, but his love for daughter Hailie is eternal. Just listen to Hailie's Song.

5. Always believe you're a G.O.A.T. No, not the kind that live on a farm. As he notes in G.O.A.T., it stands for 'greatest of all time.' It's all about confidence, baby.