Have you heard? Apple is opening new headquarters in Cupertino, California…and it looks like a spaceship. You read that right…a spaceship. This is so cool. It got us thinking: what if other companies took a page from the Apple book and opened headquarters that were literally based off their products. Allow us to hypothesize...

1. Who wants a big, boring office building? Burger King should set up shop in a hamburger shaped haven where they can chat about fast food world domination and truly immerse themselves in the, er, culture. 

2. What would happen if the Adidas logo came to life? Their office would be three separate rectangular offices, never to touch. Perfect for splitting up departments. 

3. Hershey's could ditch their traditional structure and opt to build an enormous Kiss. We can already imagine the stylish vaulted ceilings. 

4. Frankly, we're a bit surprised Virgin Airways doesn't operate out of an airplane-shaped office already. The gate could double as the lobby. 

5. Ford's Detroit home base could be updated to resemble a massive pick-up truck, and we bet all of their employees would be along for the ride (sorry had to go there). 

You get the point. How would you reimagine your office?