Even if you're diehard Team Coco, it's hard to believe Jay Leno is retiring (officially) on February 6th after over 20 years of hosting The Tonight Show. It's the end of a late night TV era, dudes. As we move forward into the future (Jimmy Fallon is taking over), let's take a minute to look back on Leno's greatest hits. Here's why we want to sit down with him on the famous stage and listen to him tell one more political joke (fun fact: he made over 4,600 Bill Clinton jokes during his time on air). 

1. We admire a guy who has a passion—and his is clear: cars. He reportedly owns over 190 vehicles including 90 motorcycles. He writes for multiple automobile publications. And wanna know what he keeps in his garage? There's a whole website dedicated to it. 

2. When it comes to style, he's a simple man. A really simple man. In fact, he exclusively wears jeans and a denim shirt when he's not on air.  "I don't own any suits of my own. Before the show, my clothes are laid out for me—the suit, shirt, tie, even the shoes. I put them on and walk out on stage," he said in an interview.

3. Let's face it: he's told some damn funny jokes over the years. A look back at his best Tonight Show bloopers below. Farewell, sir.