In case your girlfriend hasn't reminded you (just kidding, we know she has), it's Valentine's Day tomorrow. Want to impress her? Channel Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine in 1942 flick Casablanca, a.k.a. the most romantic movie ever made. Here's why we want to walk into a gin joint and pick his brain to find out how he got so damn suave. 

1. This was Bogart's first romantic role—and that's saying a lot, because this is regarded by many as the most important love story of all time. The lesson for all of us? Even if you're not Mr. Romance, you can easily turn it on when the time is right... as in, this Friday! 

2. In order to appear alongside Ingrid Bergman, Bogart had to rock platform shoes. It takes a seriously secure man with confidence to do that for his lady… Compromise, folks. It's key. 

3. The iconic "Here's looking at you, kid" scene was improvised by Bogart. Yep. He's that good. Watch it below.