Well, it's St. Patrick's Day, dudes. Taking the day off to check out the parade or going out tonight? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's your easy-to-follow guide to having the celebrations go off without a hitch—and to make sure you make it to school or work the next day. 

1. Don't be afraid to get festive. You don't have to go head-to-toe leprechaun, but there's nothin' wrong with a pop of green or two. 

2. Charge. Your. Phone. We cannot say this enough. 

3. Set up a buddy system with your friends. OK, so you're not in pre-school... but chances are, you'll be faced with a pretty hefty crowd and you don't wanna get separated from the crew. 

4. Water, water, water. You can't drink enough. 

5. Not to sound like your mom, but be safe. Oh, and if you're of legal age to have a few Guinness, you can probably skip that last one.