You want class? You want shades with a story? Something that any pair of peepers would be proud to wear (if, that is, eyes had the capacity for actual thought), then you need to bag yourself some Clubmasters.

These iconic (it's difficult to find a better word) frames have been making faces look better for sixty years, and they're still going strong. Check out Josh Hartnett below if you needed further proof, because the man looks excellent. Get involved.

1. The style was first developed for glasses and was called browline

2. The style was quickly developed by other brands, and the shape became popular in the '50s and '60s.

3. They're not to be confused with horn-rimmed glasses, which are more pronounced, and, well, pointy.

4. Ray-Ban updated the browline style in the '80s with the release of the first Clubmasters. And aside from a brief dip in the '90s, we haven't looked back. 

5. Classic or contemporary, there are numerous styles to choose from, but all of which hold the same, irreplaceable DNA.

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