If you're anything like us, you'll now be spending every bit of down time dreaming, thinking and researching summer vaca. There's the destination, obviously, then there's the new bathing suits to buy, and shades, but have you put any thought into what you'll travel in? Because your man Tom Ford—who was spotted recently in LAX (below) on his way to LDN—clearly has.

Being on a plane is uncomfortable, but as long as you're not stuck at the airport for some reason, flying somewhere is seriously exciting, so dress up for travel. Have some fun with it.

Tom's gone for sharp black loafers, gray—and most importantly, comfortable pants—the all-important white T-shirt, a black weekend bag and a dark wool jacket for carrying passports, headphones and wallets etc. So keep it plain, keep it simple and keep it classic. Who knows, you might even get an upgrade*

*You won't.