A big day for Quentin Tarantino: the legendary director is turning 51. Happy birthday, dude. In honor of the special occasion, we're taking a look back at his '92 cult classic (and one of our personal favorites) Reservoir Dogs. Here's why we'll always be down to revisit this flick. 

1. Although Mr. Tarantino himself made a memorable appearance as Mr. Brown, he really wanted to play Mr. Pink—which, in case you forget, was portrayed perfectly by the one and only Steve Buscemi. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed? 

2. Let's face it: this movie ain't safe for kids. The amount of times they use the "F" word? A casual 272. 

3. OK, these gents seriously inspired us to try the skinny tie, sleek black suit and Ray-Ban combo... and we're forever grateful. 

Check out one of the best scenes here—and be sure to peep it in full whenever you have a chance.