Wearing shorts is tricky. Everyone has their own idea of what to wear and how to wear them. Ultimately, of course, it comes down to personal preference, but there are some tips and tricks that might make your choice a little easier.

Short shorts 
Definitely not for the faint of heart, these should pretty much be reserved for vaca. Wear them with a fresh white T-shirt or racer-back vest, old-school Vans or barefoot, if you're poolside.

Chino shorts
Your everyday staple. Buy a pair of these guys in navy blue, khaki or green and you've got a friend for the summer. Dress them down with a gray-marl T-shirt, or sharpen up in a cotton Oxford shirt and light blazer combo. The hem should sit on your kneecap.

Denim shorts
These are still the go-to guys for all your festival/beer garden needs. Just don't be afraid to give yourself a bit of breathing space in terms of fit — remember denim can be unforgiving sometimes. Wear them just on or above your knees for max style points.

Jersey shorts
These bad boys are going to be big this summer, and rightfully so. We're all aware of the comfort a pair of joggers can provide, but now they've been combined with some decent fits in a huge range of colors and washes. Good for the park, bar or beach, these are — literally and figuratively — summer's coolest option.

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