If there's only room in your wardrobe for one suit this summer, why not make it a slim-fit version? Like its skinny-fit brethren, the slim suit has comfort, style and versatility at its core, but has a bit more breathing room for the more substantially sized dudes among us.

What's more, this style gives you plenty of bang for your buck, as it can be styled and adapted to match whatever occasion you have coming up — whether that's a school prom, wedding or a classy shindig. Here's how to get plenty of mileage out of that new suit.

1. Look sharp
Unless you're part of the groom's party and it's a case of top hat and tails, you can wear (within reason) whatever you like to a summer wedding. Keep things classic in navy, but don't get lazy — make sure people recognize that you know exactly what you're doing by staying cool and contemporary in a slim cut. The advantage of a slim fit over a skinny one in this instance is that you're less likely to stand out like a trendy sore thumb in your bud's wedding photos.

2. T-party
Back in the day, wearing a T-shirt under a suit jacket was the stuff of youth TV presenters and boy bands, but thanks to the rise of a better-fitting, low-cost suit, this combination has shed its cheesy image. It's now a smart and fresh option for anyone wanting to step out looking sharp and understated this summer.

3. Cap it up
This slim-fit suit gains a whole new life when you dress it down with a sweater, snapback and a pair of sneakers.