Like a gigantic runaway train made of outdoor beer gardens, festivals, parks and chaffing shorts, summer is on its way. You'll be outside for weeks, so we give you permission to spend this weekend indoors watching TV or going to the movies. And luckily, there's tons of good stuff to see:

If you don't know the basics of this story, that's weird, but you definitely won't have seen anything like Darren "Black Swan" Aronofsky's vision. Russell Crowe plays the berry loving boat builder, and Ray Winstone is the bad man looking to hitch a ride. Epic doesn't do this justice. Watch the trailer here.

What's that: a big budget drama, produced by Michael Bay, about the golden age of pirates? Sold. Black Sails is the story of Captain Flint and his hunt for a Spanish treasure ship. But this has just as much in common with House of Cards as it does with Captain Jack Sparrow. Stream it on Amazon Prime and watch the trailer here.

Directed by The IT Crowd's Richard Ayoade, starring Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network, and based on a 170-year-old novel by Russian dissident, Fyodor Dostoevsky, this is unsurprisingly, a bit weird, but it's also very funny. A shy man meets his exact double, who's a bit of an idiot, and some dark hilarity ensues. Watch the trailer below.