So, here's how it all began: Ryan Gosling stepped out wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the iconic image from Life Magazine of Macaulay Culkin from his Home Alone days (which, FYI, was available on ASOS until it sadly sold out). 

Then, Macaulay took it to the next level by wearing a T-shirt that featured a picture of Ryan wearing the shirt with his image on it. Confused? Don't be. These dudes are totally being "meta," and we dig it. 

Naturally, the internet has picked up on this situation – and there's even a photo being circulated of Ryan potentially rocking a shirt featuring Macaulay wearing a shirt featuring Ryan wearing a shirt with him on it (that was a mouthful). Anyway, call us naysayers, but this looks like a Photoshop situation. Either way, we can't wait for what's next in this epic saga. Keep it comin', boys.