Where: Miyajima is an island in the western part of Japan's Inland Sea, famed for the Itsukushima Shrine, the "floating" torii gate in front of it and the spectacular views from the top of Mount Misen.

Why: The Miyajima trend is inspired by going to Japanese vintage clothing shops and finding treasure troves of classic Americana: indigo denim, Converse sneakers and striped tees. There's also a surf influence that displays the meeting of Japanese and American youth cultures halfway across the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.

Wear: Dark denim and shorts; striped tees and floral prints; white sneakers and plimsolls, and washed out shades of red, white and blue.

Watch: A classic road-trip movie like Stand By Me, full of '50s American styles, long summer days and an air of nostalgic melancholy, complements the Miyajima trend. Or celebrate old-school surfing with John Milius' brilliant 1978 film Big Wednesday, a cult 60s-set flick about the 'Californian dream of finding the perfect wave and the end of innocence.

Listen: Dreamy, bleached-out Americana (like Youth Lagoon's July or Local Natives' Airplanes) is the ideal Miyajima soundtrack. Think tunes that evoke wistfulness, displacement and long road trips with '70s soft rock on the radio. Obsessed!