We've talked about Justin Theroux before. He's the dude who swans around LA and New York looking like some kind of off-duty comic book hero — all leather jackets, big boots and ultra-cool motorbikes.

And here he is again, looking fantastic as he walks the promotional trail for his new must-watch TV series, The Leftovers, which is about the people left behind on earth after the Rapture.

Theroux, it's fair to say, is a fan of black. We are too. Unless it's the hotter than the sun outside, it's an easy outfit win. We're digging JT's black boots, which are comfortable and cool (two of our favorite things), but you could try some desert boots for the summer.

His washed-out, slim-fit jeans are basically the best things ever, and the same goes for the black button-up polo shirt — you're just never going to get tired of it. Finish things off with a pair of aviators and you're winning at life.