There are few flags that have made it into as many iconic outfits as Old Glory. From Peter Fonda's biker jacket in Easy Rider to Lady Gaga and Beyoncé's sleazy pin-up girl outlaw chic in the Telephone video, the stars and stripes is shorthand for American myths and western cool. Rocking the red, white and blue too brazenly can stray into way too patriotic territory, however: you don't want to look like Apollo Creed in Rocky IV (we all know how badly that ended).

Our USA inspired outfit, therefore, evokes a vintage college cool that's more American Graffiti than Team America: World Police. A navy polo with red and white detailing gets thing off to a subtle start, while a retro grey Herschel backpack and a Boston bobble hat bring the classic Harvard vibe. Throw in a NY cap in case the weather is more Coney Island on the 4th of July than Massachusetts in the fall, and — of course — some faded blue jeans, and you've got an all-American ensemble that's fit for a Sunday barbecue or a trip to one of those trendy burger places we've been hearing so much about.