We're in the middle of a summer-long heatwave, so after Googling where the closest beer garden is, pulling on a pair of shorts is the next logical, sane thing to do. And the best part is that it's so hot, no one can even be bothered to mock your hairy legs or comment on how pale they are. 

Better still, despite there being a multitude of styles to choose from, you need only focus your attention on one: chino shorts.

Proof that they're probably the most versatile shorts in the drawer, there are several ways you can style them. Worn casually, paired with a pair of Converse and a T-shirt, they form the foundations of an outfit ideal for a comfortable, lazy day in the park. But with the assistance of a short-sleeved shirt, the whole look gets kicked up a gear, and firmly enters smart-casual territory. 

Finally, if you want to take things in an even smarter direction, pair your chino shorts with white shirt and driving shoes for a look that will day you from work to drinks without the need to go home and change first. Score.