Despite what his bafflingly energetic stage performances may suggest, Mick Jagger is not — in fact – ageless. Indeed, he is actually quite age-full — 71 years full today, indeed. Which seems an excellent opportunity to celebrate the Rolling Stones' frontman's style. 

But which style, you ask? '80s Jagger, in pastel blazer with sleeves pushed way up? Late '60s Jagger, with flouncy blouses and voluminous bell bottoms? We’ve plumped for early '60s Mick — when he was a fresh-faced mod with a neat head of hair, sharp suit and just the hint of an insolent rockstar sneer. Oh, and a killer shirt worn with an early example of the so-hot-right-now "air tie" look. (That's no tie, with the top button done right up tight, if you haven’t read our useful guide).