This weekend, a bunch of superheroes assembled in San Diego for annual fan convention Comic-Con. From Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr to Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, Marvel's main men were in town to whip people into a frenzy over its upcoming release, Avengers: Age of Ultron

But it wasn't just people on the west coast who were getting in touch with their inner superhero. While Comic-Con is renowned as a mecca for fans who like to nerd out and dress up, people on the east coast were celebrating a very different sort of exhibitionism. 

Yesterday, New York played host to more than 50 nudist models getting painted in the city's first ever NYC Body Painting Day near Central Park. The overall effect was somewhere between a fleshy mass of Avatars and a Smurf-themed bachelor party. But it got us thinking — with temperatures soaring over the summer, perhaps the key to keeping cool is to stay loose and light with your clothing. Really light.