Short of quitting your job and moving to the South of France, there are few surefire ways of staying both dry and stylish for summer. Let's face it: even the briefest of sunny spells is usually punctuated by a heavy shower or two. So yes, you do need a jacket. 
Here are four lightweight options, each with their own unique selling points. Which one will you go for?

Denim jacket

Waterproof? No. Showerproof? Pretty much. A denim jacket isn't built to withstand biblical rain, but it'll see you right if you're caught in a brief downpour between the bus and the bar. And you'll look excellent.

Bomber jacket

The humble bomber shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon — largely thanks to designers and brands updating it with the latest materials and refinements. Its clean, athletic shape makes it ideal as an extra-light layer for summer.

Cropped jacket

Robust and versatile, this is the kind of outdoorsy jacket one could wear to chop wood (or do whatever it is outdoorsy guys do). But it's also a smart option for summer, as it can be carried through to fall with the addition of a scarf.

Hooded Trench

This one's a no-brainer. It has a hood, which means you can keep your hair in check. And it's light, which means you can shove it in your backpack and forget about it until the downpour arrives.