Clap along if Pharrell Williams' outfits consistently make you feel all happy inside. He's a man who manages to take his style game incredibly seriously, while still having a helluva lot of fun with it.

At the recent BET Awards in Los Angeles, for example, he rocked a hat to rival his now famous lumberjack number, and pulled it off with aplomb. The cowboy-style headgear has a bit more of a standard fit than we're used to, but it still rules.

Next up, Pharrell takes the humble cardigan and covers it in stars. As a rule with cardigans, the chunkier and cosier they are, the more fun they are (sounds a bit weird, we know, but comfort equals fun). Then a good pair of indigo jeans replace his usual uniform of shorts — must have been chilly in LA that night — and a killer pair of yellow sneakers bookend the whole thing.