Vampires, wizards and a very public relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart made 28-year-old Robert Pattinson one of the most famous people on the planet. The problem is, he doesn't really want to be famous.

Read any interview with the actor and you'll meet a man who'd rather be making challenging, thoughtful and bravely un-commercial indie films than another mega-franchise. So after The Twilight Saga ended, that's exactly what he did.

His latest, The Rover is a grim drama set in the aftermath of a global catastrophe. It follows Pattinson's character Rey as he tries to retrieve his stolen car in a bleak and brutal Australian outback. The Sunday Times dubbed it "Sad Max."

Staying true to his "not playing by the rules" taste in jobs, Pattinson also rocks his own style when it comes to outfits — and it works. While attending a photocall for The Rover at the BFI in London, he eschewed the traditional suit in favor of something a bit cooler, and a lot more casual.

Rocking a pair of his much-loved Adidas kicks, Pattinson then went for some dark, slim-fit jeans, a white T-shirt topped with a lightweight denim shirt, and a wicked red bomber jacket. It's very "independent film star," which we like a lot.