Double denim has, thankfully, passed the point of being considered a fashion taboo. In years past, pairing jeans with a denim shirt was an offence punishable by, if not death, then a near-guaranteed degree of social exclusion. That is, unless you were a cowboy or Britney-era Justin Timberlake.
Nowadays, it’s the favoured combination of expertly attired gents the world over, including David Beckham, Kanye West, Justin Theroux and co. And when you consider the breadth of denim options available, there’s a way for everyone to double up – whether it’s with skinny, vintage, baggy or slim jeans – regardless of whether you’re an A-lister or not.
But before you go and suit up in a Canadian tuxedo, there are a few rules to consider:
Vary your shades
As a novice, darker jeans should be worn with a shirt in a lighter shade of denim. It will help make your look appear less uniform-like and help ease you into the trend.
Wear a white T-shirt
White is a good way of bringing two items in the same shade of denim together, should you choose to avoid the previous rule. Not only does it break up that wall of blue, it also looks really clean, fresh and ever so slightly James Dean-esque.
Don’t gun for triple denim
Before leaving the house in a pair of jeans, a denim shirt and a denim jacket, take a look in the mirror and check to see if you’re Ryan Gosling. If you’re not, probs take the denim jacket off – because it takes an awful lot of handsome to pull of the triple threat with flair.