The thought of prepping your "back to school" wardrobe probably evokes memories of ugly uniforms and coats your mom guaranteed you would "grow into."  But we have good news for you — the old lady doesn't call the sartorial shots anymore and you have the freedom to sharpen up however you damn well please after a summer spent in cool and casual gear.
Interestingly, drawing from schoolyard staples is an effective and smart way of upgrading your fall look. Naturally, instead of a blazer embroidered with a fusty old school crest on it, you can now opt for a navy suit. A perennial classic, this shade (in a slim or skinny fit) can be dressed up or down on your say so, but for a neatly tailored look, it's best complemented by a crisp white shirt, a slim tie and a pair of leather brogues.
Finally, go for scholastic-inspired gold by exchanging your backpack for a leather satchel: roomy enough for all your essentials (phone, keys, wallet — not a pencil case, obviously), but subtle and sophisticated enough not to steal too much focus from those tasty new threads.