While you probably spent a lot of that hard-earned pay day cash this past weekend on wringing the last few drops out of summer, spare a thought for your fall wardrobe. Soon enough you're going to need a light jacket to face the new season in style (and warmth). 

So why not use a little chunk of this month's pay to snap up one of these handsome bomber jackets from our "Made In England" collection? Crafted from premium cotton (London Cloth Company woven cotton to be exact), it's breathable, which makes it perfect for layering, keeping you cool when it's sunny, but warm if you're wearing it back from the bar on a chilly night. 

Still not convinced? Then consider how flattering these bad boys are. Cropped at the waist, snugly fitted without being too tight and a shade of blue that's on the money. This a is a classic style that suits pretty much any man wise enough to give it a whirl.