What: Taking its name from the visionary art school and design movement of the 1920s, Bauhaus is a wearable, future-inspired trend that's half sci-fi, half leisurewear. Think neoprene (that's scuba fabric) bombers with tailored, ankle-grazer pants and a patent, shiny smart shoe. And don't forget the linear, graphic prints that look like something out of the inside of your computer monitor. Big, bold houndstooth checks also make their way on to office-friendly shirts.

Why: Because it's actually a very interesting way to do smart. Adding a tailored bomber jacket or printed shirt to your work wardrobe makes it feel instantly contemporary.
Wear: A neoprene bomber with a graphic print T-shirt underneath. Go for a smarter pant with a jogger-bottom style hem for a new take on street.
Watch: Arty sci-fi films like Gattaca, Blade Runner or The Matrix where stylish sets and special effects are a visual feast for the eyes.
Listen: Electronic pioneers Kraftwerk to tap into the past or try Deptford Goth or Moderat for modern music that could be used in the trailer for a sci-fi trilogy.
Visit: Well, we'd say space, but for now try Berlin. The European city was the final home of the Bauhaus art school, and the movement's influence and inspiration can still be seen in the city, as well as some of the iconic public housing projects it created.