If, like us, you've spent your summer so far in a state of perpetual external stimulation (Soccer! Festivals! Sunny beer gardens!), there's a good chance you may have neglected the more intimate, romantic side of life. With this in mind, we're officially declaring it "reboot your relationship week." Whether you need an extra push to rekindle that spark with your significant other, the confidence to approach the hottie across the bar or simply a rightward nudge on your Tinder-swiping finger, consider this your dating wake-up call. 

Let's start things off simply with the sort of outfit you'll want for a casual picnic, an afternoon tête-à-tête at an outdoor coffee-shop table or a cozy barbecue for two. Sharp (it's still a date, after all) but super comfortable and summery, we start at the bottom with some boxfresh white sneaks followed by some statement shorts — we've gone for chino-style in a seasonal shade of berry, jazzed up with a woven belt (note: these are the only shorts that are date appropriate – baggy cargo shorts or what you wear to the gym do not count as acceptable substitutes). Up top, we're recommending a sweet graphic-print tee, accessorized with some round-lens shades. And because with an outfit this fresh there's no way your afternoon liaison isn't lasting until at least sundown, don't forget a stonewash denim jacket to fight off the evening chills.