Of the many, many reasons to love Back To The Future, the attention to detail is what really gets us. From the insanely funny script full of totally grown-up jokes right down to the DeLorean, it's so much richer, cleverer and more stylish than a kid-friendly comedy about a time-traveling high-schooler has any right to be. The film's central outfit riffs on this theme: carefully constructed, a little eccentric and distinctive enough to be instantly recognizable for decades.

Marty McFly's take on '80s teen steez also references two key trends for fall (or "the future", as he would have had it): denim (which is always a strong look) and layering. Indeed, 1985 Marty basically wore all of the layers. And most of the denim, too. 

Starting from the bottom, he sported some sweet Nike kicks, which we've recreated in the form of icy white ASOS high-tops, before skinny jeans in a mid-blue take us up to waist level. From here, things get more layered. A classic tee, followed by our old friend the white Oxford shirt, topped by a denim jacket, topped (again!) by a burgundy vest (or life preserver, if you're Marty's grandparents). Now, we're not saying you're going to want to wear all these at once, but an outfit with various lightweight components that you can add or subtract from as the temperature requires is your ideal day-to-night companion on these changeable fall days. Pop on a black woven belt and you're all set, future boy.