There's no way to downplay it: Brendan Fallis is one of the kings of New York. As a DJ, entrepreneur and producer (not to mention boyfriend of the gorgeous Hannah Bronfman), he's a pretty busy dude. But somehow, he manages to keep it all together, while consistently looking dapper in the process. Here, he dishes on his style secrets and gives need-to-know advice to any of you wannabe spinning sensations out there.

What are the three things every guy must have in their wardrobe? 

A well-broken-in pair of jeans, a really good plain white T-shirt and a white or light blue oxford.

How do you cope with Fashion Month? 

Balance. Although your mind is telling you to attend as many shows/events/parties as you can, realize there will always be another one and most of the time it sounds better then it actually is. Mix in a daily workout and eating well and you'll be just fine.

Best gift you've received from your girlfriend: 

Thoughtfulness, care and trust on an everyday basis.

What's your go-to party track?

Don't Stop the Levels by Avicii vs. Journey. It's a classic and, when dropped at the right time during the night, will capture even the "coolest" of people and have them dancing on the tables.

Your trends to experiment with this season? 

Tonal outfits head to toe. And, in terms of lifestyle trends, intermittent fasting — I'm already a month in and loving it.

Any tips for aspiring DJs? 

Build a good library for whatever genre you're passionate about and have a good amount of music for other genres as well so you can tend to all crowds. If you're just getting started, chances are you're going to be playing to many different groups of people with different tastes. Learn the craft enough to understand beat matching and basic mixing. After that, get a good eye for watching a crowd and playing to the crowd instated of playing only what "you" want to play. Lastly, be confident! Just because there are so many DJs right now doesn't mean you can’t find a lane and succeed in it.