Typical, isn't it? One second you're lying in a field, listening to your favorite band and harvesting all those sunny, good-time memories to keep you warm through the winter and then, before you know it, fall hits. Suddenly you're seriously considering buying a matching set of pajamas because the duvet fell off your legs in bed last night and you definitely nearly died.

But on the plus side, the inevitable turning of the seasons does mean you can turn your attention to getting a nice new jacket. And what'll it be, man? A duffle coat, perhaps? Or maybe you'd prefer a bomber? And then there are parkas to consider, and peacoats. It's hard, right? But then you see your man David Beckham rocking a leather biker jacket and you realize: yeah, that. I want that.

You can match the D-Becks look with some skinny black or dark blue jeans, a simple crew-neck T-shirt (until the temperature really goes south) and a pair of brown leather boots. That's basically your fall uniform right there. Get to it.