Using words to communicate is, like, super boring. That's why we considered writing this article using Instagram images and emojis only… until we realized it was too difficult (and probably a bit stupid and annoying to read — insert sad smiley here).
But others have had more luck harnessing the communicative power of the emoji: for instance, ASOS Marketplace boutique owner Philip Normal, whose T-shirts offer a 2014 twist on the conventional slogan tee. 
Wear your feelings on your sleeve, quite literally, by pulling on this smiley-splattered number, which features all your fave emojis including "shedding a single tear" and "glowing with smugness." For the sassier satorialists among you, there's also a print featuring the flamenco dancer with attitude and the jazz-steppin' twins. Pictographic perfection. 
Wear yours with an Apple Watch and/or Google Glass to really achieve that social-media-addict vibe. Or dress it down in a pair of skinny jeans and some Converse — we don't mind.