So you want to know what outfit to wear when you fly first class? Well, fancy pants, we know firsthand (from pap shots of celebs in airports) that it's a strictly navy blazer, brogues and travel socks affair (if you're David Beckham).
But for those of us keeping it real in economy, it's all about flying in style and, of course, achieving untold levels of comfort. The outfit below allows you to do just that.
The most important part here is the humble hoodie. Think of it as your sartorial Swiss Army knife, which can be worn in a multitude of ways: open, zipped up, tied around your waist, rolled into a handy neck pillow, etc. And for anyone who struggles to keep pace with the fluctuating cabin temperature, there's a bomber jacket to be worn or draped over your person in the manner of a badass duvet.
Complete the look with some classic basics, including your favorite pair of jeans and crew-neck T-shirt. Finally, you'll need to keep a pair of sunglasses handy if you hope to exit the terminal with any sort of flair.