The conundrum of what to pack in your beach bag has become something of major dilemma... until now.
The key, of course, is to take a Boy Scout style approach to things — you know, be prepared and assemble an ensemble that can withstand whatever the elements might throw at you. But at the same time, there are no extra points to be earned for overpacking with clothes: keeping room for a disposable barbecue, a few beers, and a pair of horrible iPhone speakers is, needless to say, essential.
So here's your stripped-back, yet all-bases-covered beach bag. Naturally, it comprises all the usual suspects, such as a bathing suit, a cool vest, and some shades. But for when the sun is at its most aggressive, there's a bucket hat to shade your head. And for when the clouds come rolling in from the horizon, there's a hoodie in here to cover up as the wind picks up. Getting sand in your toes and ice cream down your chin never looked so good.