Five Kiernan Shipka hair vibes to try at home

By Maybelle Morgan, April 17, 2017

It’s safe to say that cool-girl Kiernan Shipka (aka Mad Men's Sally Draper) should already be on your radar. Front-row regular and a trend-blazer, the girl also does seriously good hair — did anyone say dream-girl all-rounder? Here are 5 ‘dos you can copy for your Mon-Fri thing…

Kiernan Shipka with straightened low ponytail

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Swing low

Chicer than your average, the low-pony is your high-stakes hair player for dinners/drinks and general party vibes. Use a toothcomb to fix a parting directly above the arch of your eyebrow, before sweeping hair into a pony at the nape of the neck. Keep the rest minimal to get that groomed, polished thing going.

Kiernan Shipka with a slick side parting

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Slick story

This one? It’s the hairdo you work before you wash it, so yep, you guess it: it works better on greasy hair. The key is a razor-straight side-parting, so use a tooth-comb to fix it. Use a tiny dab of gel on the roots to get that runway vibe going and rely on some glam ear cuffs to elevate the look.

Kiernan Shipka with curly hair

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Wave it

Who said disco was dead? 'Cause your BNO look just got a '70s reboot with Kiernan’s bigger-than-life locks. The night before your shindig, French-braid side-parted hair and sleep on it. The next day, shake it out, comb your fingers through (for natural texture) and fasten with a simple slide. Add lipgloss (yep, it’s back) and you’ve got a deal.

Kiernan Shipka with finger-wave curls

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Great Gatsby

For your fancier RSVPs it’s all about going modern-day flapper girl (consider Daisy Buchanan your pin-up inspo). Straighten hair and sweep into an extreme side-parting, before curling all locks in one direction. Update that glam '20s thing, by keeping bling and makeup to a bare minimum (bar some really strong brushed-up brows).

Kiernan Shipka with beachy hair

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Beachy babe

Some days your lazy-girl dial will be turned all the way up but that doesn’t mean you can’t still boss that mirror thing. Copy Kiernan’s vibe by sleeping in a bun (to create natural waves) and taming your second-day locks into a side-parting. Make it glam by combing through and adding some copper shadow.