Our new BFF is a total dreamboat. Mane is a 145 pound Dogue de Bordeaux from Vancouver, Canada, and the adorably wrinkled face of our Cyber Monday campaign, snapped by photographer and author, Carli Davidson. Aside from making drooling look good, this guy loves to shop—which is why he’s helping us give away free ASOS clothes for a year. (Yep—enter on Facebook to get in on the action.) Here’s what else makes Mane a stud in our book: 

Loves: Small puppies, kittens and bubbles. 

Fears: Plastic bags, manholes, butterflies and dandelions. (Mane is strong, manly and loyal…but hey, we’re all scared of something.) 

Charity work: Mane is a philanthropist. He acts as a surrogate to socialize puppies without mothers. He also donated every last dollar from his ASOS shoot to a local animal shelter. 

Friends: Mane's roommate and BFF is Ducky, a 3.5 pound Chihuahua. 

Claim to fame: Mane made his big debut in Carli Davidson’s new book, Shake, and the slow-mo vid she made to promote it (which was the inspiration for our Cyber campaign). Are you smitten yet? Head on over to Facebook and enter to win free ASOS clothes for a year + a signed copy of Shake