For this past weekend's UK X Factor appearance, Miley pulled on a super-glam turban, which managed to out-wow her Marc Jacobs metallic slip-dress. We loved it, but how do you wear one? You don't need a Cyrus-sized slice of confidence, as long as you abide by these handy turban-wearing tips:

1. Hat hair: Bangs are a no-go and loose hair suits a turban better than all tucked inside (Miley is working it, but the girls on ASOS Marketplace—see pictures below—prove longer hair wins out).
2. Mix it up: A turban-twist headband is another way to get the turban effect without full head coverage—experiment with brooches and metallic fabrics.
3. Brow-watch: A turban calls for a strong brow—anything too plucked could leave you looking like an extra from The Great Gatsby.