Finally, the Gossip Girl and The O.C. join forces. We were all in a state of teen-dramedy shock when rumors started about the supposed engagement between Seth (sorry, Adam) and Leighton (ahem, Blair) yesterday. And OMG—we've woken up to even further evidence of its truth, thanks to reports on MTV and E! who are quoting a mysterious source (who is this source—and can we be their friend?). But since the pair haven't admitted it themselves yet, we've taken the liberty of planning the wedding for them. We haven't been dreaming about this since they got together last February, promise.

The guest list: Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively and Mischa Barton will all be bridesmaids, while the best man will either be Captain Oats or Ben McKenzie. And maybe, just maybe, Peter Gallagher (Mr. Sandy Cohen) will walk Leighton down the aisle?

The soundtrack: Seth's fave band, Death Cab For Cutie, of course.

The dress: Vera Wang. But, it'll be a way happier occasion than when Blair married Louis Grimaldi instead of Chuck. 

The honeymoon: Rome. So Audrey Hepburn, so Blair. 

Um, this is everything. Congrats you two!